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There is a lot one can learn from Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. But did you know that his life lessons can easily be applied to the world of customer feedback? Continue reading to find out what 5 things Steve Jobs can teach us about customer feedback: 1. “People don’t know what they
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Sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice! Find out what 7 things you learned in kindergarten that will help you with your customer feedback and how to implement those: 1. Treat people the way you want to be treated This simple lesson from when we were kids applies to the customer feedback industry as

Customer Surveys Form In A Business Strategy

Firstly, collecting the responses from the customers is not an easy job. Getting the feedback is not just enough. The thing which matters is how you use it to formulate the business strategies. Hop in and find out the problems you incur or any other change that you want to bring. Because it will save
Customer Feedback Analysis
Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way businesses used to improve their products/services. Before AI, the only way to improve products/services was to record customer calls and conversations with call agents; and then re-evaluating them to find out the root problems. However, AI has now brought NLP to the business world. NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which
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If you are new to the customer feedback industry, then you might sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. However, customer feedback doesn’t have to be a complicated topic. Continue reading to find out what is the number 1 question everyone working in customer feedback should know how to answer: 1. Why use
Email Marketing
In the world of social media, email marketing has become much underrated. Only if you knew how impactful this mode of marketing is, you wouldn’t miss it in your next strategy. No wonder social media and other online means of marketing have revolutionized the way businesses used to communicate with their customers. Yet, email marketing
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Nowadays, technology has changed the way businesses operate and that includes how they handle customer feedback. Technology has made it possible for customers to be connected all day, every day. In addition, customers now have access to platforms where they can publicly praise or criticize your company. Therefore, only companies willing to adapt to these
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Without using Customer Feedback no company can know what are they doing right and what are they doing wrong. Customer Feedback doesn’t have to be a hard thing to manage. Continue reading to find out why it is not as difficult as you think: 1. Why manage Customer Feedback? Having a loyal base of customers
Customer Loyalty
As of now, it is a pretty known phenomenon that customer loyalty is everything that a business desires from the market. Also, that we should treasure our loyal customers more than potential customers. Every business out there is struggling to retain its existing customers so that they could maintain a long-term relationship. Moreover, according to Annex
Customer experiences are generally categorized into two types. I.e. online and offline customer experience. For example; when you go to the nearby store for grocery or to buy new pants what will happen? Definitely, the salesman would welcome you and got to know about your likes. In short, he tries to find out what you