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Striving for your business’s success in the market can be tiring. It is not an easy job to balance your customer satisfaction with your business needs and goals. Therefore, sometimes you need others to inspire you from what they’ve learned. So, keeping that in mind, we have brought to you the; 10 customer quotes that
No matter what you do, how much you invest in your product and the brand’s online reputation, unhappy people are always there. You cannot make everyone satisfy. Even if you take care of the little details, they will find a loophole. It doesn’t mean you start to ignore what your consumers say about you. Definitely,
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Customers are very complex beings when you look from a business point of view. Every day you take a look into the market, you find out new phenomenons being in practice.  However, our experts have spent a long time in the customer management industry. And if we were to jot down a few lessons from
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10 Signs You Work With Customer Feedback

Wonder how to recognize somebody employed in the customer feedback industry? Check out the 10 signs we have listed below! And if you (yes, you!) are working in the customer feedback industry, then you probably possess all of those 10 characteristics: 1. You seek feedback A major sign that you work with customer feedback is
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A customer feedback program can be extremely successful in increasing your brand awareness and improving your reputation. However, if not implemented correctly, it can completely sabotage your efforts. We have collected 5 ways you can completely sabotage your customer feedback and what to do instead: 1. Never responding to customer feedback One of the worst
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15 Shocking Facts About Customer Feedback

Do you often find yourself getting bored when discussing customer feedback? Here are 15 shocking facts which are about to change your mind: 1. For every customer complaint, there are 26 other unhappy customers who have decided to remain silent. (Source: 2. Sixty-seven percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews (Source: 3.
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Times are changing, the way businesses and customers used to interact in the past; no longer serves with as much effectiveness today. With newer and better ideas to market their products/ services, the competition has really risen for brands to get in the front line. Since you’re reading this blog, we’ll gather that you also
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Did you know that Pinterest can be a great source of information and tips on the topic of Customer Feedback? We have selected our top 10 accounts you should follow on Pinterest if you want to find out how to collect and manage your customer reviews: 1. Mopinion Mopinion is a user feedback analytics software
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This is 2019, and every single customer out there has access to multiple alternatives to fulfill his/her needs. However, only a few brands get successful in grasping their attention. Why do you think that is so? Well, with so many alternatives that are more or less alike in performance, a customer seeks more than just
Who doesn’t like their customers stay loyal to them? Definitely, everyone who is running a business wants this. As your loyal customer would earn you more as compare to the new customer. When a customer stays, it cuts down the company’s cost and increases the profits. It has found that almost 7 times you have